I discovered the joys of homebrew my sophomore year of college. My neighbor Mario was an enterprising sort who sold homebrewing supplies out of his garage. It was hard to walk by his house without stopping and having a taste of whatever delicious thing he had on tap. These were the early, wild west days of craft beer, without the endless choice of hazies and DIPAs and sours. Mario offered the key to happiness. Mario was a great salesman.

Soon I had all the gear I could afford jammed into my tiny apartment. Homebrewing became the chemistry class I never…

Not long ago, when I would wake in the middle of the night my mind wandered to existential concerns like paying my mortgage, being a good father and surviving a global pandemic. But recently my mind has a new concern… JavaScript.

I just finished week 4 of a 12 week Full Stack Coding Bootcamp. It’s called a bootcamp because the pace is intense and there are seemingly no breaks. Dinner with family? Forget about it. Weekends? What am I, soft? At lunch I do push ups and run around the block.

By week 2 we were coding JavaScript and building…

Darrin Weyers


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